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New technologies make more roofs suitable for solar panels

Using your roof to generate renewable energy: smart! By doing so, you use unused space for sustainability and more control over your energy bill. Many roofs are suitable for installing solar panels, but some are not. Or rather, weren't. In fact, over the past five years, many new technological options have been added for installing solar panels. Chances are that your (previously unsuitable) roof will be suitable for a solar roof in 2024. So it is worthwhile to have another check of your roof construction.

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85% of roofs are suitable for a solar roof

A lot of roofs that seemed unsuitable at first have now been fitted with solar panels by Novar. Systemiq's research shows that approximately 85% of large Dutch roofs can be made suitable for a solar installation with minimal modifications. Especially agricultural buildings and old properties now appear to offer good opportunities.

Innovations and new techniques

Why this percentage is higher than a few years ago? There have been several new innovations in recent years. As a result, weak roof structures can still be suitable for solar panels. We at Novar are also gaining more and more knowledge and experience in this area. We don't look at what can't be done, but rather at the possibilities. We fix it, even if it doesn't seem possible at first.

3 new opportunities for all roof structures by:

1. Lightweight solar panels

The load of heavy solar panels was the biggest obstacle to realizing solar roofs. On average, a roof must be able to support about 25 kilograms per m²: that was also the average weight of solar panels five years ago. But in the meantime, new panels have been developed that weigh almost 20 kilograms less. With a weight of about 5.5 kilos per m², there are many new possibilities for roofs in 2024.

2. Different anchoring and better pressure distribution

In addition to lighter solar panels, a different anchoring of the substructure is also a new option. You no longer work with ballast to anchor the solar panels, but the substructure of the panels is attached to the roof. We then work with ballast systems, for example: we place weights on the substructure to keep the solar panels in place. This way we don't have to drill through the roof.

3. Ballast-free mounting systems

In addition to anchoring to the roof, it is also possible to anchor the panels to the structure itself. These innovative ballast-free mounting systems divert the weight away from the roof. Thus, even roofs with very weak roof structures can still support solar panels.

So you can see that all sorts of new technologies and innovations have come along, which may now make your roof suitable for solar panels.

I want to know if my roof is now suitable for solar panels

Do you have a roof that was previously unsuitable and want to know if it's suitable now? Let us perform a roof structure check. In this we inspect the roof skin and the roof structure. We check whether all architectural drawings are available and if not, we measure everything. This gives you a very good idea of whether it is feasible to install solar panels on your roof. You don't have to do anything yourself, we take care of everything.

If adjustments to the roof or structure are needed, we will advise you on these as well. Novar has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in recent years, which we are happy to share with you. We really look at all the possibilities for making your building more sustainable. Because new techniques and smart solutions offer more possibilities. If sustainability cannot be achieved through the roof, there are still countless other possibilities. Think for example of panels on land or a solar carport.

Wondering if your roof is suitable for panels? Ask for a roof construction check

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