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Festive opening Bontepolder

Project manager of the first hour - Finn Boeije, recounts.

Solar park and energy storage system Bontepolder were officially opened Thursday, May 30. After a period of testing, the system has been running for some time and we celebrated with stakeholders and local residents. Together we reflected on the realization of this project. Project Manager of the first hour, Finn Boeije - Permit Specialist Storage - takes you along:

"Since the realization of Bontepolder was some time ago anyway, it almost seemed like a reunion. It's really nice to see everyone involved then again after working so intensively together on this project."

Sustainable in the region

"Alderman Climate & Sustainability Laszlo van de Voorde gave an insight into the sustainable ambitions and challenges of the municipality of Terneuzen. The importance of sustainable developments for the region is great according to him. Not only the project itself, but also by linking this project with the environment fund for sustainable initiatives. For example, Museum Sluiskil and the scouting received a contribution for a solar roof and the village council for solar lighting in the village park."

The development phase of Bontepolder

"Then I took the audience through the development phase of this project. Surely there's more to it than meets the eye. For example, this solar park was built on a former landfill. Super, because of the double use of space. But with an old landfill you can't just do anything with the ground. Because we were only allowed to dig thirty centimeters deep, every construction pile was cast in concrete to still be strong enough."

"Local residents experience this solar farm as an upgrade"

Finn Boeije | Novar

"By those present, the smooth realization process is confirmed. This is also because it was a different time. We started preparing the permit applications in the summer of 2018. In the world of policy back then, it was only natural that an old landfill would be given a new, sustainable use. And even local residents took it for granted. It was derelict land, so a manicured park with revenue through an environment fund was experienced as an upgrade."

Added a storage system

"In 2022, an energy storage system was added to the solar park. Gerke Schaap - System Integrations Specialist - explained more about that. We desperately need battery storage to keep our energy system in balance. Especially in combination with sustainable technologies like wind and solar. There's a lot behind that as well. So you have hardware like the solar farm constructed by ib vogt and the battery from supplier Alfen. These are connected to the electricity grid via Stedin's purchasing station, with cables laid by WATT Infra. But also the control via measurement systems and software, where parties like Spectral and Repowered are around the corner."

Balancing and rendering

"Gerjan Wubs - Business Developer Repowered - showed what happens when the system is running. How does that work, multiple suppliers on one connection? In a nutshell, Repowered ensures that you can enter the energy market with the battery. That the "traffic rules" on the connection are followed. For example, the battery should not prevent Eneco from discharging the generated energy into the grid. Those traffic rules are as it were all the preconditions within which Repowered can control the battery to balance the grid and make the battery pay off."

"Repowered drives the battery to balance the grid and make the battery pay."

Finn Boeije | Novar

Holistic energy system

"Jan Martijn - Director of Storage - concludes by looking at Bontepolder in broader context. Six years ago we were at the table as Solarfields, developer of solar. Now as Novar, developer of Green Energy Systems. And solar farm Bontepolder with the connected battery is a good example of that. It is actually a holistic view of the energy design of the Netherlands. And we desperately need it."

An inside look

"After the presentations we went with everyone to have a look at the solar park and at the battery. Bernd Nijen Twilhaar - Asset Manager Klaer - explained the different parts of the solar farm and answered questions about the layout. From battery supplier Alfen, Leon Sturkenboom - Head of Product Development TheBattery - was present to answer questions about the system."


"A successful day if you ask me. Maybe a bit sentimental, but I am seriously proud of this piece of Sluiskil. So incredibly many people are working on this project, I'm proud of their time, investment and knowledge. That's why an opening to reflect on this is so worthwhile. I went home happy. And well, no rain always helps with a day like this anyway."

"I am seriously proud of this piece of Sluiskil"
Finn Boeije Finn Boeije | Novar

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