Time for Novar

Solarfields and Soleila are joining forces under a new name. Together, we will be a stronger organisation that can offer more solutions and services and make a greater impact. We’re ready to accelerate the energy transition, which is why it’s time for a new brand name, a name that embraces solar energy while also looking further than that. A new name that represents our determined commitment to new energy: Novar.

Major steps

As ‘Solarfields’, our ambition started with the sun, but our work now goes beyond solar: we are working on the energy landscape of tomorrow. Our energy grid is being turned inside out as we shift from a few large power stations to a network of smaller, sustainable, interconnected energy systems that bring together supply and demand. While we have not yet fully realised that new, complex world, we are taking giant steps to achieve that goal together.

Rather than just gas, electricity or heat alone, we now think in terms of systems that bring together energy generation, conversion, storage and supply by harnessing new technologies such as battery, heat (solar thermal) and hydrogen storage. We are also working on new solutions to grid congestion, including closed distribution networks and private substations. By bringing all this together, our energy supply can gradually become integrated, hybrid and most of all: smart. New companies are needed to make this happen – companies like Novar that bring together knowledge, experience and perseverance to create those new energy systems.

Our ambitions go further

Our work has only just begun in the Netherlands, but also internationally, because new energy solutions don’t stop at the border. The key is to bring together energy suppliers and consumers intelligently, while allowing them to operate independently in the energy market. We can take care of the entire process for them with intelligent algorithms and by managing their energy system efficiently. The goal is to make renewable energy an affordable, natural choice: that’s what Novar believes in.

There are many challenges to be faced before that new energy system becomes a reality. We will tackle each hurdle one project at a time, as our track record proves. This is the attitude that made us the market leader in solar on land, an area we excel in. Our dedicated, experienced team of professionals want to contribute, embrace change and get things done, because at heart we are ‘fixers’. We are taking great strides to realise renewable energy and to bring complex energy systems to life: from A to Zero.

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Algemeen 18/04/2023

Tijd voor Novar.

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Algemeen 14/04/2023

Zonnepark Groot Roodehaan in gebruik

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