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Dorhout Mees is embracing sustainability with solar panels.

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Novar was responsible for developing the Dorhout Mees solar farm south of the village of Biddinghuizen. The solar farm has a capacity of 149 MWp.

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328.088solar panels on the ground
148,9 MWppeak power per year
44.672homes supplied

Dorhout Mees solar farm – Biddinghuizen

golfterrein Dorhout Mees

Why this solar farm?

Due to changing conditions in the golf market, the management of Dorhout Mees golf course began looking for alternative uses for the site. The municipality of Dronten expressed their support for the development of a solar farm in 2018. The municipality of Dronten is covered by the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) for the Flevoland region. Flevoland aims to generate at least 16.5% of all the sustainable energy generated nationwide. The solar farm is currently the largest in the Netherlands and contributes to the objectives set by the municipality of Dronten.

Our process

Where are we now?











The solar farm has supplied power to the grid since August 2022.

About this solar farm

Location of the solar farm

The solar farm is situated south of the village of Biddinghuizen. The project area is part of the Dorhout Mees recreational area. The solar farm neighbours an open agricultural area to the north, with a forestry complex to the west and east. A road, a dyke, a golf course and a nature reserve are situated to the south.

How can local residents participate?

ZonnepanelenDelen, a platform for solar energy, is affiliated with this project to facilitate participation by local residents. They can invest in solar bonds, for which they receive a financial return. This allows consumers to benefit from solar energy even if their roofs are not suitable for solar panels.

Largest solar farm in the Netherlands

Dorhout Mees solar farm supplied the first power to the grid on 21 July 2022. The solar farm has more than 300,000 solar panels and covers an area of around 85 hectares, which makes it the largest solar farm in the Netherlands. The solar farm generates a total of around 149 MWp. This is sufficient for more than 44,000 homes, which means more than enough power is generated for the entire municipality of Dronten. An innovative solution has been devised for the problem of substations with limited capacity. The solar farm uses a Closed Distribution System (CDS) to connect to the grid. This was set up in partnership with EQUANS.

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