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Municipalities need and want to become more sustainable. Many goals have been set and plans have been made. It is now time for concrete steps: for a green and livable place to live and work. As a municipality you know what you have to do: reach the climate goals, with the support of all parties involved. 

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The Climate Agreement contains specific challenges for residents and businesses in your municipality. That is why you are working on concrete steps for lessCO2 emissions and more green energy. This is a complex puzzle: we want to generate more sustainable energy quickly, and in such a way that citizens and companies will go along with that mission. That is why you look for solutions such as solar farms, energy storage or solar carports that fit in with the environment and with local and regional policy. Novar knows how. We realize green energy projects to realize municipal objectives and to give concrete form to your Regional Energy Strategy (RES).

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Novar realizes large-scale energy projects. We are the market leader in solar farms on land, we provide real estate with solar panels and we come up with solutions for grid congestion and energy storage, among other things. We also produce sustainable heat and hydrogen. Always with coherence between different types of green energy and in good coordination with the environment. We have the specific expertise to help governments become more sustainable. Novar combines decisiveness with maximum participation: from the first sketch for a new energy project, we involve residents in the plans. We design every project together with residents, local entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. In this way we ensure that a new solar farm fits in with the living environment, local nature and existing plans of municipalities and provinces With our approach, we always work together with the environment and realize concrete projects to achieve climate goals.

Energy cooperatives

When we develop solar farms, we like to work with energy cooperatives. We strongly believe in joint initiatives close to home that make the world more sustainable and add value to the direct environment. We work with energy cooperatives as equal partners, with all parties - public and private - deciding, profiting and sharing the risk.

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