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A solar carport is a fantastic example of multifunctional space use. We all know that space is at a premium in the Netherlands. That’s why Novar always uses precious land as smartly as possible. Our solar carports are a good example. They combine a car park with sustainable energy generation.

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Green energy system

The Solar carport

Why not use the space taken up by a car park twice? With a solar carport, you can create a unique green energy system that also provides car parking spaces. A solar carport is an ideal sustainable opportunity for your company. Some politicians are even calling for solar panels above car parks to be mandatory.

Smart and sustainable solution

A solar carport is a smart and sustainable solution. It generates green energy and cars stay cool, dry and protected under the panels. The solar carport gives your parking facility a visibly sustainable appearance.

Solar carports are certainly sustainable, as the solar panels generate energy on both sides (top and underside). The distance between the solar panels and the ground is greater with a solar carport than with normal solar farms. This causes the ‘bifacial effect’: the panels absorb energy from the air and reflections from the ground.

As well as supplying energy, solar carports can also be used to charge electric cars with green energy that comes directly from the solar panels. You can’t get much greener than that.

The largest solar carport in the world


We realised the largest solar carport in the world in Biddinghuizen. The system has 90,000 solar panels and supplies 35 MWp.


We produce enough to supply green energy to 10,000 homes.


This solar carport also supplies sustainable power to the Lowlands festival. Around 300,000 kWh of electricity is consumed during each edition of Lowlands. This solar carport, the largest in the world, supplies more than 100 Lowlands weekends of green power annually.

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Generating and supplying energy

Every company takes a different approach to sustainability. We’re happy to help you identify the possibilities for your organisation. A solar carport is the ideal opportunity to become sustainable. It allows you to make optimum use of your car park while contributing to the energy transition. Your image will also receive a visually positive boost.

Novar has extensive experience of realising solar carports and looks forward to hearing about your needs. If you want your car park to contribute to the energy transition, please enter your contact details.

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