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We believe that sustainable energy can make the world a better place. That’s why we realise projects to generate more energy from green sources, including solar energy. As market leader in solar projects, we know how to realize a successful solar park like no other. We do this with years of experience, new technologies and a healthy dose of decisiveness.

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We start the process with a no-obligation survey to determine whether your land is suitable for a solar farm. We have a solution for all soil types, so it doesn’t matter what type of land you have. The only condition is that the land must be at least 10 hectares. Land with an area of 10 hectares can accommodate around 30,000 solar panels to generate sustainable energy. That’s quite a lot.

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A sustainable solution for your land

Are you looking for a way to use your land sustainably? Novar builds turn-key solar farms from 10 hectares. We’re happy to help you identify the possibilities for your land so you can contribute to the energy transition. Contact us or schedule an appointment. We can make the world sustainable together.

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Deploying land for a solar park

If you decide to lease out your land, we’ll first draw up a contract with conditions for the construction of the solar farm. This includes the monthly fee we pay you, the operating period (25 to 30 years) and how the land will be handed back at the end of the partnership. You don’t need to worry about operating the solar farm, and we’ll return the land to the original condition after thirty years. It’s as easy as that.

If you have land that you don’t use, then sell it to us so we can build a solar farm on it. By doing so, you will directly contribute to a more sustainable world.

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A complete solution

At Novar we opt for a complete solution for your energy issue. It does not stop with energy generation alone. Where possible, we complete the solution with storage. Together we look at the complete picture.

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