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Do you want to take control of your own energy? With solar panels on your roof, it’s possible. 100% sustainable electricity is financially attractive, reliable and contributes to a sustainable world. Novar makes the sun work for you. We realise major solar projects on roofs of commercial buildings to help you do business sustainably.

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Take control of your own energy

Are you affected by high energy prices, do you have doubts about the security of your energy supply or do you want to reduce your CO2 emissions? By generating your own energy with solar panels on your roof, you can ensure a reliable energy supply, reduce your CO2 emissions, lower your energy bills and make your organisation more sustainable. You will be in control of your own energy and ready for the future.

Earn money with your roof

Are you a business or property owner with a roof exceeding 3,000 m2? Then grasp this opportunity and make the sun work for you. No major investments are required: you decide whether to buy or lease solar panels or lease out your roof. You decide what’s right for you.

By generating your own sustainable energy, you can take specific steps towards realising the energy transition – for yourself, by working towards your sustainability goals and making your organisation future-proof, and for your clients, society and the world around us. With solar panels on your roof, you can make a positive impact: a win-win situation.

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We’re there for you every step of the way. Whether you outsource all the work to us or want to tackle it together, Novar will fix it – from design to financing and from construction to management, from A to Zero. We start by surveying your roof and checking your insurance and grid capacity. We apply for subsidies and permits and install the solar panels while you keep working as normal. If you wish, we can also take care of the management and maintenance. You decide and we’ll fix it.

We can also help you if you prefer to avoid all hassle and are satisfied with slightly lower returns, or indeed if you prefer to invest in solar panels as a business venture and stay in control. Novar offers a suitable solution for every business type.

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