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You want to get the maximum benefit from all the green energy you generate. Sometimes it’s very sunny or windy and you generate more energy than you need, while at other times the sky is grey or there’s no wind. With energy storage, you can take a smart and flexible approach to green energy. This means you’ll always have enough energy available, waste less, avoid grid congestion and lower the costs of purchasing energy.

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Novar realizes large-scale storage of sustainable electricity using batteries, green hydrogen and heat.

Supply and demand

We are rapidly switching to green, locally generated energy. This demands innovative solutions to co-ordinate supply and demand. There is a surplus of green energy on sunny and windy days, energy that you can’t use and the electrical grid can’t fully absorb. On other days, you don’t generate enough energy and you need to purchase it at high prices.

By storing energy, you can respond flexibly to the demand for and supply of clean energy. Energy storage doesn’t affect the grid, balances your energy management and prepares your green energy system for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Novar provides smart storage solutions, from large batteries for green energy to electrolysers for hydrogen and e-boilers to store large quantities of heat. You decide what you need and we’ll fix it.

The importance of storage

Why storage is the start of a more sustainable company

Maximally benefit

Storage ensures that we can all benefit to the maximum from sustainably generated energy.

Optimally coordinated with each other

With storage, you perfectly match supply and demand. This relieves the power grid and prevents network congestion.

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Batteries for energy storage.

With a large battery, you decide when to use your green energy. Novar realises smart battery systems for businesses, municipalities and grid operators. Our systems are modular and scalable and take up relatively little space. These storage solutions collect energy from various sources: sun, wind and at favourable moments even from the electrical grid.

A large battery ensures that none of the energy you generate goes to waste, and by configuring it smartly, you can even increase the value of your solar or wind energy. In the event of curtailment – if the grid cannot absorb the quantity of solar energy generated, for example – we store the excess energy so your solar farm doesn’t have to be turned off. For grid operators, battery storage is a smart way of dealing with peak moments and avoiding grid congestion.

Battery for green hydrogen

Green electricity can be turned into green hydrogen with an electrolyser. Hydrogen is a sustainable fuel for applications such as heavy goods vehicles and industrial processes. Green hydrogen is easy to produce. In essence, you store electricity as a gas. When you use the hydrogen later, no CO2 is emitted.

Novar realises large-scale hydrogen storage projects for industry and the transport sector. Our electrolysers can easily be installed in existing environments and the green power used to produce hydrogen does not affect the grid. With this solution, we can work together to prevent grid congestion.

The green energy system

At Novar, we think in terms of green energy systems. We realise assets such as solar farms. Every asset we deliver is another green building block
that can be linked to your existing and future assets. This allows you to create a green energy system for your company step-by-step.

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Generating your own energy

We believe that sustainable energy can make the world a better place.
That’s why we realise projects to generate more energy from green sources, including solar energy.

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Efficient energy use

Novar supplies PPAs, corporate PPAs and GoOs, so you can be certain the
energy you use has been sustainably generated. The systems and services we supply are integrated smartly and adapted to your user profile.

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Optimal management

Every solar farm, wind farm or solar roof should generate the maximum returns. We manage energy projects and keep them in good technical and financial health.

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Smart storage

Waste not, want not: we realise major sustainable energy storage projects with batteries, green hydrogen and heat so clients can reap the
maximum benefits from the green energy we generate together.

About storage

The green energy system

Generating your own energy

Efficient energy use

Optimal management

Smart storage

Novar has an ambitious goal. We want to ensure that 1 million households can use sustainable energy by 2030. To achieve this, we want to take steps now – together with you – in a way that adds value to both of us. Because only together can we work towards a sustainable future!

There are various ways to install solar panels on your land. Are you looking for options other than the ones mentioned above? We are open to all kinds of collaborations. For example, you can also sell your land to Novar or set up a park together with a cooperative.

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