By storing energy in a battery, you are contributing to the energy solution of tomorrow. Novar has developed an innovative approach to energy storage: a battery. This allows us to feed sustainable energy into the grid in a smarter way. A battery attached to your solar farm or solar roof is a future-proof solution for your green energy system.

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How does it work


Energy comes from various sources, such as solar panels or a solar roof. By collecting that energy in a battery, we can supply sufficient power at peak moments. If we generate more electricity than the grid can accept, we can also store it in the battery. We feed that power into the grid later.

The battery also makes the electrical grid more stable. The battery limits the loss of generated energy, as we can store energy that would otherwise go to waste. The battery also compensates for the difference between the predicted and actual power generation with smart feed-in. The battery also helps to reduce grid congestion at local level.

A battery takes up relatively little space and is therefore easy to fit into your existing system. The battery can be adapted to suit your situation, which means we can always find a solution to your energy needs. Even if the electrical grid has no more capacity, Novar will do everything to find a solution, so you can generate energy as sustainably as possible – now and in the future.

Battery at Bontepolder solar farm

Novar has installed the first battery at a solar farm in the Netherlands at the Bontepolder solar farm in Terneuzen. The battery has a power rating of 5 MW and a storage capacity of 5 MWh.


More innovative energy storage solutions

The battery at Bontepolder is certainly not the last that Novar will install. We install batteries behind the meter at our solar farms to make more efficient use of the local transport capacity. We also develop large-scale systems for the national grid to reduce grid congestion and imbalances in the electricity market.

Would you like to know more about how you can store energy with a battery? We’ll investigate the desired application and develop a profitable business case. It’s also possible to connect a battery to the electrical grid in situations that don’t involve sustainable generation. To find out more, please enter your details below.

Efficient use of transport capacity

reduce grid congestion and imbalance

Connect to the electrical grid

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