Green hydrogen

Energy storage and sustainable generation are important aspects of the energy transition. Novar is contributing to that transition with green hydrogen production. We store the green hydrogen in a hydrogen battery. This is an innovative solution to problems such as grid congestion. 

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Green hydrogen production 

Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. This process is known as electrolysis and requires electricity. The reaction takes place in an electrochemical cell, where an electrical current splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen. If sustainably generated electricity is used, such as solar power, then you produce green hydrogen without emissions, which is of course what we want.  

How does it work?

Energy storage with hydrogen 

An electrolyser can be used to turn electricity into green hydrogen. Green hydrogen can be stored easily in a hydrogen battery and used later as a fuel for heavy goods vehicles and industrial processes.  

The hydrogen battery converts excess sustainably generated energy (from the solar panels) into hydrogen. This hydrogen can be converted back into electricity for consumption later. The conversion process emits no CO2 at all, which makes it a clean energy source.   

The benefit of a hydrogen battery is that – just like a normal battery – it is modular and scalable and can be easily adapted to any environment. In addition, the generated energy does not need to be fed into the grid, which makes it a good solution to grid congestion.    

For industrial uses

Process with zero CO2 emissions

Solution for grid congestion

Project H₂ Hollandia 

The Hollandia solar farm, with around 288,000 solar panels, is situated in Nieuw-Buinen. Together with Avitec, the co-owner of the solar farm, we plan to use part of that solar energy to produce green hydrogen. For this, a 5 MW PEM electrolyser has been installed next to the 115 MWp solar farm to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.   

The installation of the electrolyser will half the curtailment of the solar farm. Curtailment occurs when the capacity of the solar farm is temporarily reduced. This happens when supply exceeds demand. By installing an electrolyser, the curtailment of the solar farm can be halved. The curtailment will be converted into 300 tonnes of hydrogen annually, which equates to 10% of the annual production of the hydrogen system.  


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