New energy. On.

We are Novar. We develop green energy systems for the corporate market, including generation, storage, distribution and management. From A to Zero.

The green energy system

At Novar, we think in terms of green energy systems.
We realise assets, such as solar farms. Every asset we deliver is another green building block that can be linked to your existing and future assets. This allows you to create a green energy system for your company, step-by-step.

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We believe that sustainable energy makes the world a better place.
That's why we realise projects to generate more energy
from green sources, including solar energy.

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Efficient energy use

Novar supplies PPAs, corporate PPAs and GOs, so you can be certain the electricity you use has been sustainably generated. The systems and services we supply are integrated smartly and adapted to your user profile.

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Optimal management

Every solar farm, wind farm or solar roof should generate the maximum returns. We manage energy projects and keep them in good technical and financial health.

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Smart storage

Waste not, want not: we realise major sustainable energy storage projects with batteries, green
hydrogen and heat so clients can reap the maximum benefits from the green energy we generate together.

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The green energy system


Efficient energy use

Optimal management

Smart storage

That's why you choose novar

Extensive expertise to make large businesses more sustainable

We are Novar. We realise major turn-key projects solar energy and energy storage projects, smart grids and more. Every asset we deliver contributes to your green energy system - from clean generation and storage to smart delivery and management.

We have all the necessary expertise in-house

We have 10+ years of experience in the sustainable industry

Together toward a sustainable future, from A to zero.

It's time for new energy. To go green.

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Press Release 21/11/2023

DIF Capital Partners acquires majority interest in Novar

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Press Release 13/11/2023

First study of combination solar farm and dairy farm launched

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General 09/11/2023

House letter Tightened preference order sun: what does it mean for you?

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Our Projects

Far-reaching expertise to make the Netherlands more sustainable

We feel the urgency to take steps toward a sustainable world now. We are taking the lead in this. To realize our ambitions, we are coming up with solutions that have never been available before. We will not let a 'full power grid' stop us, and we realized the largest solar carport in the world and the first large-scale solar thermal park in the Netherlands. Because can't, doesn't exist.

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Insure your property value for the future and act now.

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Profit for your property with these energy solutions

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Is making your real estate more sustainable worthwhile, or is it a waste of money?

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