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A project with a full roof rental installation

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Zonnedak Mekkering in Winschoten consists of a full roof-lease construction with over 2,200 panels and a capacity of 910 kWp. It was commissioned in May 2023

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2.220Solar panels on the ground
910 kWpPeak annual power
3.621Households provided

The Mekkering project in Winschoten is a project with a full roof rental installation. The property is owned by Mekkering & Warmels. There are 2220 solar panels installed on this project with a capacity of 410WP per panel and a total capacity of 910.2 kWp.

The project is currently operational since May 2023 and is managed by Klaer. The project can deliver more power than is currently being done. For this purpose, another new compact substation will be installed to provide full power.

How does this solar roof contribute to the energy transition?

On the company roof of Mekkering & Warmels, 2,220 solar panels have been installed. Together, this amount is good for a capacity of over 910 kWp and thus provides almost 4,000 households with green electricity every year. A great contribution to the energy transition!

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In use

The project will be fully operational by May 2023

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