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Realizing a solar park involves a lot of costs. It starts at the beginning, which is why it is often an expensive investment. The SDE subsidy has been developed for this investment. On this page we explain everything about the subsidies and financing of a sustainable project.

SDE Subsidy in 2023
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SDE Subsidy in 2023

In 2023 it is again possible to apply for a subsidy for sustainable projects. This is the SDE++ subsidy 2023. We think it is important to inform you well about this scheme and the changes that will take place compared to the SDE subsidy in 2022. Continue reading this page quickly for the latest...

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SDE subsidy

We understand better than anyone that many unfamiliar terms come along once you delve into the development...

Financing & subsidy solar farm

The realization of a solar park costs a lot of money. The costs start in the development phase of the solar park. Think of legal fees, but also the reservation of grid capacity or the costs of a landscape architect. In addition, for roofs, an external party always checks in a timely manner whether the roof can support the solar construction.

To arrange financing for a solar farm, we work closely with experienced financiers familiar with the energy industry. For each individual solar project, we select potential financiers and compare terms and proposals. Each party provides a risk analysis in a report. Based on this, we choose the bank we want to work with. When all parties agree on the final proposal, the financing of the solar park is closed and we start construction.

Because of our extensive experience, we know what the bank requires and what conditions we must meet in order to secure financing. This allows our specialists to act quickly and arrange needed financing for a solar farm.

The second part of financing a solar park involves obtaining SDE subsidy. In the Netherlands, it is currently not possible to construct a solar park or solar roof without a subsidy. This is why the government developed the SDE+ subsidy in 2011. SDE stands for Stimulation of Sustainable Energy. This scheme motivates the Dutch government sustainable energy solutions. The subsidy forms an important part of the financing of a solar park. Other solutions such as geothermal, biomass and wind energy are also eligible for this form of subsidy.