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Sunlight: there’s so much we can do with it. By using solar panels and solar boilers, we can convert sunlight into solar power and solar heat, products that we urgently need. It’s time for efficient sustainable energy generation solutions. Solar heating is one of those solutions. 

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Solar thermal energy

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Solar heating

We urgently need solar thermal energy, as we are gradually transitioning away from natural gas. This will reduce our CO2 emissions and our vulnerability to unstable gas prices.

That's great, but you want to be assured of sufficient heat for your premises or production. Novar therefore supplies sustainable heat. With large-scale solar thermal projects, such as solar thermal park Dorkwerd, which will heat more than 2,500 households and companies in Groningen starting in 2023.  

What is solar heating?

Solar thermal energy is the sustainable heating of homes and buildings with heat from the sun. To make that heat available, you use solar collectors that convert sunlight into heat. The difference with solar panels is that they convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar heat is used to heat homes and buildings. By collecting sunlight with solar collectors, the light can be converted into heat. This solar heat can then be used to sustainably heat a home, building or even entire neighborhoods and districts. 


"You guys have the guts to build this."

In Dorkwerd, Novar is developing a large solar heating project. This project uses a new technology. More than 24,000 solar collectors are being used. The difference with "ordinary" collectors is that heat rather than electricity is generated. Instead of cables, water runs along the solar collectors. This water, heats up to about 85 degrees Celsius on a sunny day. A special vacuum technology in the collectors makes it possible to efficiently produce high temperatures. A heat exchanger then releases the heat to the so-called heat network.

“With this technology, we can contribute to the transition away from natural gas in the city of Groningen. Solar thermal energy does not affect the local transport capacity of the electrical grid, which leaves space for other sustainable projects. Another benefit of solar thermal energy is that it is suitable for older homes without the need to make major structural modifications. The solar collectors are also fully recyclable. All in all, this is an innovative and sustainable solution with a lot of potential, including elsewhere in the Netherlands.”

Jan Martijn Buruma, Project Director at Novar, explains

The heat is transmitted through a district heating grid to consumers, including homes and industrial users. Of course the system produces heat in the summer, which is why we use seasonal storage. This allows us to store heat for use at times when direct solar heat isn’t available.  

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At Novar, we believe that sustainable energy can make the world a better place. That’s why we realise large-scale projects with a major positive impact. We deliver reliable, affordable and sustainable solutions for companies, authorities and co-operatives.   

Our mission is to harness the maximum possible energy from the sun. We develop solar thermal energy projects that turn sunlight into heat. We harness our years of experience, new technologies and a healthy dose of determination to get the most out of the sun. We’ll fix your new energy while you concentrate on your core business.  

Solar thermal energy 

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