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Once your solar farm, wind farm or solar roof is complete, you will want to maximise the returns – in green energy generation, but also in Euros. By outsourcing the management of your assets to Novar, you can be sure they’ll stay in good technical and financial health. As one of the largest developers of energy projects, we know exactly how to deliver worry-free 24/7 management, maintenance and operational advice.

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The importance of maintenance

Why maintenance is essential for your sustainable assets

Sustainable returns

With regular maintenance, you ensure optimal performance.

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Just advice or total care? Novar helps where needed and meets your wishes,

Your assets, our concern

Of course you want your energy project to perform optimally. With sustainable returns - today and for the long term. Together, we look at your management needs. Novar helps you with specific advice or provides complete management.

We are specialists in solar parks. We manage over 800MWp of installed capacity and have over 20 years of experience in solar and wind energy installations. We therefore know exactly what is involved in operating your assets. For various energy projects, we provide technical and commercial asset management, carry out maintenance, and give operational advice. Everything for an optimal and green return.

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Technical management

Novar makes sure your energy project stays in top technical condition. We monitor your project 24/7 and visit the site regularly to identify technical issues and risks on time. We also find opportunities to optimise your system at an early stage.

Commercial management

The financial management of your assets is also in good hands with us. Our specialists in accounting, tax and financing of maintenance or expansion investments make sure your solar farm or wind farm continues to deliver optimum returns.


Maintenance is essential to keep your system performing optimally. Thanks to our experience and real-time monitoring capacity, we know exactly what your assets need. We carry out regular maintenance and repairs whenever required. We also look ahead: thanks to our knowledge of your system, we know exactly when each component needs to be replaced, which maximises the lifespan of all parts of your solar farm or wind farm.

Operational advice

We are happy to give advice to keep your energy project running optimally. We can analyse your financial options, identify opportunities to improve your network performance and evaluate your current contracts. We also use smart models to look ahead based on data. We use our understanding of factors including energy prices, changing weather patterns and the condition of your system to intervene at exactly the right moment.

Solar panel land

Novar is market leader in large-scale solar farms.

As an entrepreneur, you want to be ready for what comes tomorrow. That is why you choose for grip on your utilitybill. Obviously, you want to maximize returns on this as well. We manage energy projects and keep them healthy, in a technical and financial perspective. Curious whether we can help you to maximize returns from your sustainable projects? Contact us without obligation and together we can look at the opportunities.

The green energy system

At Novar, we think in terms of green energy systems.
We realise assets, such as solar farms. Every asset we deliver is another green building block that can be linked to your existing and future assets. This allows you to create a green energy system for your company, step-by-step.

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We believe that sustainable energy makes the world a better place.
That's why we realise projects to generate more energy
from green sources, including solar energy.

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Efficient energy use

Novar supplies PPAs, corporate PPAs and GOs, so you can be certain the electricity you use has been sustainably generated. The systems and services we supply are integrated smartly and adapted to your user profile.

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Optimal management

Every solar farm, wind farm or solar roof should generate the maximum returns. We manage energy projects and keep them in good technical and financial health.

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Smart storage

Waste not, want not: we realise major sustainable energy storage projects with batteries, green
hydrogen and heat so clients can reap the maximum benefits from the green energy we generate together.

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The green energy system


Efficient energy use

Optimal management

Smart storage

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