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Needless to say, you want your energy project to perform optimally and deliver sustainable returns today and in the long term. Novar can help you identify your management needs, including analysis and advice about your assets.  

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How do we do it?

We are happy to advise you about how to make your energy project perform optimally. We will analyse your financial options, identify opportunities to improve your grid performance and evaluate your existing contracts. We also use intelligent models to look ahead using data. We use our understanding of factors including energy prices, changing weather patterns and the condition of your system to intervene at the right moment.   

"With proper maintenance and management you can easily increase the yield of a large solar farm by 10 to 15 percent. We focus on optimal performance, every year and throughout the entire lifespan of the solar farm."

Jan Klijnstra, Novar Services

We produce clear analyses that we use to advise you about the best choices for your assets, including technical, commercial and financial advice. The first step is always to monitor your systems and identify your objectives.  

We identify and analyse risks using detailed reports about the technical condition of your system. We then give you specific advice about potential improvements: for example, we can determine when it’s time to clean your panels by studying the output of the soiling sensor.   

On the commercial side, we make sure we advise you clearly on your ppa constructions. After all, you want the right purchase and supply agreement for your green electricity. We also take a close look at the financial affairs of your asset. What opportunities do we see for your administrative organization? 


Your assets

We also give commercial advice, including clear advice about PPA structures to ensure that you have the right green power purchasing and supply agreement. We also analyse the financial side of your asset and identify potential improvements to your administration.

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For the long term

At Novar, we take a long-term view. Our services are based around collaboration and continuity. We make sure we know you and your assets well, so the advice we give always helps you achieve your objectives. After all, as an investor, that’s what you’re looking for.   

We have accumulated years of experience by managing our own assets. As we manage around 1000 MWp of installed capacity, we know all there is to know about operating energy solutions. We have more than 20 years’ experience and always give your project the attention it deserves.  

We combine knowledge and experience with that of our partners and keep a close eye on developments in the market. This means we can give you specific advice about how to implement operations and maintenance optimally. Novar can advise you about investing, insurance or returns.   

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