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Financing new energy is win-win. As owner of a green energy project, you go for both long-term financial profit and sustainable impact on the world. As a market leader in solar farms, we provide efficient and profitable management of solar farms and realize new projects.

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Novar helps energy project owners make sustainable returns.

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Your green energy project is an investment. Whether you're an institutional investor, a green fund or an energy cooperative, your project needs to stay in good shape, technically and financially. The better your solar farm, energy storage or wind project operates, the greater the return. At Novar, every energy project is in professional hands. We are at home with management, maintenance and advice like no other. For optimal yields. For long-term healthy assets. For sustainably profitable energy.

Novar in practice

We deliver turn-key projects in green energy

Novar realizes large turn-key energy projects. We are the largest developer of solar parks on land in the Netherlands, and a leader in new solutions for energy storage, smart grids and more. We have years of experience, manage all of our own parks, know the local market, and continuously implement new techniques and solutions to increase park efficiency.

For owners of renewable energy projects, we provide management from A to Z: technical and commercial management, smart and efficient maintenance, monitoring, yield optimization, administration, taxes and more. Our experts think along, look ahead and advise, so that every sustainable investment yields maximum returns. For investors and for a sustainable world.

Trends in renewable energy

The movement in investing

is moving towards sustainable

Sustainable returns

The importance of sustainable investing is growing. Novar knows this like no other. We make sure you get optimal returns.

Optimal performance

It is possible to save money when your installation is optimally adjusted. Novar does this optimization for you.

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