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The logistics sector is bursting with opportunities to become more sustainable. There are also many green gains to be made in your business: generating your own clean energy and using energy smarter and more efficiently. For sustainable success - for you, your tenants, your customers and the world around you. Novar knows how. We realize your green energy projects.

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Your challenge

Logistics is first and foremost about efficient operations and being mindful of your customers. You are interested in sustainability, but how do you go about it? At Novar you will find the expertise and decisiveness to take concrete steps. For your own company and for the tenants under your roof. To generate your own clean energy - for new income and lower costs. To get a grip on your energy management, and to offer your customers a sustainable service. Novar takes care of it. With concrete projects for your green energy.

Our solutions

We make the logistics industry sustainable with our solutions.

Novar in practice

We tackle the greatest challenges

We make your sustainable ambitions come true, by delivering turn-key energy projects. For example, we realize solar projects, on company roofs of 3,000 m2 or larger, as well assolar carports. We do this as one of the largest developers of energy projects in the Netherlands. With your own solar energy, you generate extra income and get a grip on your energy bill. You decide, we'll arrange it, from A to Z.

Electrification of vehicle fleet

Logistics is on the move, literally and figuratively. As a logistics service provider or carrier, your focus is to serve your customers. At the same time, the industry needs to move in a sustainable direction. As a company, you are undoubtedly familiar with the ongoing challenges to operate more sustainably. Changing laws and regulations, zero emission zones, demanding stakeholders and greening your fleet. A green energy system can help with this.

With a solar installation, you are making an important contribution to a more sustainable future. You generate your own electricity using the sun, which means you are less dependent on the fluctuating energy market and reduce your company'sCO2 emissions.


Transportation companies receive HBEs (Renewable Fuel Units) when electric trucks are charged with their own solar power system. You can then resell these certificates to companies that use fossil fuels and offsetCO2 emissions through these certificates. So not only are you making your operations more sustainable, but you can also get a significant return on the HBEs, depending on how many electric trucks you charge on an annual basis. This does not have to be just your own fleet, but can also be trucks from external parties.

We have all the knowledge and expertise to take care of this for you. From design and installation to maintenance of your solar installation. Of course, we include the right charging infrastructure and the possible intervention of a battery. So you are assured of future-proof operations.  

Sustainable solutions for you

Novar has a variety of solutions to fix your energy transition. In addition to green energy generation, we also help you get other assets to make your business sustainable. Distribution of clean power. A smart grid for efficient energy use. Smart management of your energy system. Energy storage. Delivery of sustainable and affordable electricity or hydrogen. Charging infrastructure for emission-free transport. We realize it, with our expertise, and where necessary with that of reliable partners. Every asset we deliver is a green building block. So step by step we develop a green energy system for your company. With clean generation and storage, with smart delivery and management.

The trends in logistics

The movement in logistics is toward sustainable

Charging infrastructure & HBEs

We need to become more sustainable. That's obvious, but how? At Novar, we help step by step, asset by asset. From charging infrastructure to HBEs.

Zero emission zones

Sustainability is the norm. Due to laws and regulations, the logistics sector must also become more sustainable. Novar helps the logistics sector become more sustainable.

Editorial roof

Novar is market leader in large-scale solar farms.

As a business owner, you want to be ready for tomorrow. That's why you choose to get a grip on your energy bill. With business solar panels on your roof, you can generate your own 100% sustainable energy. In addition, you ensure sustainable income with the proceeds from your solar energy. This way your company is less dependent on uncertain energy prices and you contribute to a green and healthy future.

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