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Sustainable investment

Through sustainable investment, you can make a positive contribution to the environment. For example, by investing in solar parks to do your bit. Novar believes in improving the world with sustainable energy.

Investing in green energy
Sustainable investment 2 min. reading time

Investing in green energy

Investing in green energy is important for a better future. We cannot ignore the fact that the climate is changing. Green energy contributes to a better world and at the same time you can benefit from a nice return. What is green energy? Green energy, also known as renewable energy, is generated from renewable sources....

Sustainable investment 4 min. reading time
Investing in solar energy projects

Everyone has heard about it, the Netherlands' climate goals. In 2019, 8.7% of all energy used came from renewable...

Sustainable investment

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important because the climate won't wait. Now is the time to take action and make the Netherlands sustainable together. To combat climate change and achieve our climate goals. And that is possible with sustainable investments.

When you invest your money, you provide capital to a project. With the expectation of increasing this sum of money, your investment. The difference between investing and sustainable investing is that sustainable investing takes into account the impact on people and the environment. This ultimately creates a win-win situation, where you can increase your capital while contributing to a sustainable future and better environment.

Investing is for anyone with savings. For example, you can invest in shares, real estate, vacation parks or technology. But also in sustainable projects, such as solar parks.

Did you know that you don't always have to invest with money? Making time, resources and opportunities available on your property is also a form of investment. So anyone with a commercial building, large roof, agricultural business or with fallow land can also make a sustainable investment through a solar park or solar roof.

Currently, most of the energy we use in the Netherlands is generated by fossil fuels such as petroleum, natural gas and coal. Burning these fossil fuels releases CO2. CO2 causes climate change and environmental pollution. Moreover, these sources are running out. Therefore, it is necessary to look for sustainable and local alternatives for energy generation.

One solution is to use solar panels. These do not pollute the air because they do not use fossil fuels and therefore do not emit CO2. All solar panels need is the sun! As long as the sun shines, the panels keep doing their job.

Therefore, solar panels are a valuable and sustainable investment. By making your land, water or roof available, you will receive an annual return on the output of the panels. In doing so, you contribute to sustainability and a better future.

An increasing proportion of the energy generated in the Netherlands comes from solar panels. This is partly thanks to solar parks. There are now more than a hundred solar parks in the Netherlands. To meet the climate goals, hundreds more will be added here in the coming years.

Novar has already installed more than 450,000 solar panels and is currently developing 120 new solar parks. Our projects are very diverse. For example, we have solar parks on the ground from 20,000 panels to solar parks of 300,000 solar panels. Curious to see what Novar's largest solar farm looks like take a quick look at Dorhout Mees. Solar roofs also vary in size, from 1,200 to as many as 30,000 solar panels. Or how about double space utilization? Meanwhile, a number of solar parks on water and the largest solar carport in the world have already been built. Even when other solutions are needed, we look at this. Can't be done, doesn't exist.


The government is committed to having a sustainable energy system by 2050 and meeting climate goals. For that, solar energy is needed. Solar panels convert rays into electricity. No CO2 is released in the process, making the energy sustainable. Together with wind energy, solar energy is the main form that the Netherlands wants to use to get a sustainable energy system. To achieve this goal, solar panels on roofs as well as on the ground are needed.

Therefore, the central government encourages the production of solar energy through subsidies and tax breaks. It does this because solar panels are relatively expensive. There are also schemes for large projects by companies.

When making your business more sustainable, a subsidy scheme can often be used. Part of the financing of a solar farm (or other energy solutions) consists of the SDE subsidy. SDE stands for Stimulation of Sustainable Energy. With the SDE scheme, the government motivates sustainable energy solutions.

Applying for the SDE subsidy is complex. Whether you qualify for the SDE subsidy is different for each situation. A number of tests are carried out and a great deal of information is requested. A difficult process in which experience can come in handy. Novar can support you in applying for the subsidy.

Are you interested in sustainable investment? Would you like to rent out your land, roof or water area? Or are you thinking of starting your own solar project? Feel free to contact us!

Novar realizes large-scale solar parks and solar roofs, also at companies. Do you also want to invest sustainably and start a solar project? Then we can help you arrange the financing. Realizing a solar park costs a lot of money (legal fees, arranging grid capacity, landscape architect costs, etc.), so help with financing is often necessary.

Want to do your part for a sustainable future, but not start the project yourself? Then renting out your roof or land is a good option. In that case, we arrange the financing and you receive a monthly return.