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Green and affordable energy, for and by residents. Locally generated and locally determined. An energy cooperative is the solution for your village, neighborhood or region to take control of the energy you use. With real sustainable impact, close to home. Novar is the partner of Dutch energy cooperatives. We help you receive new energy, from A to Zero.

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Our solutions

Green energy, local for each other.

Your challenge

The idea is simple. As residents and business owners, you want sustainable, reliable and affordable energy. Locally generated, for local use. You do not want to be dependent on what energy companies or governments come up with. So that you determine how you generate green energy and benefit from the revenues together.

Only: how do you go about it? Novar knows how. We are experienced in realizing projects with energy cooperatives. We assist you, with clout, and with knowledge of participation, permits, financing, subsidies, construction and management. That's why you pull together with Novar. 

We do

We realize large-scale green energy projects, such as solar farms and solar roofs. And we believe in the power of cooperatives: initiatives close to home that make the world more sustainable and benefit the environment. That is why Novar supports energy cooperatives, from idea to realization.

With our years of experience in realizing projects together with energy cooperatives, we help you every step of the way. This starts with actively involving local residents and interested parties. In addition, we help with the realization. From business case to financing. From permits to proper integration into the landscape. From creating your own solar farm to smart management. So that you, as local residents, benefit from your own sustainable energy. And so that together, we can make the world more sustainable.

The trends in energy cooperatives

The movement is toward sustainable

Sustainable together

We know the challenges of our stakeholders and arrange the energy transition, from a to z. But we do so together, because we need each other to achieve the energy goals.

Sharing knowledge

We are resourceful, creative and have the guts to make unusual choices. Because of this value, we make a difference. We don't shy away from a challenge.

energy cooperatives

Participation first.

Participation is central to our approach. The arrival of a solar farm has an impact on the local environment. For a project to succeed, we involve everyone in the immediate area as early as possible in the ideas, plans and design of your project. We do it together, with initiators, residents, businesses and the municipality. Not only do we give everyone the opportunity to think along, but we also look at how everyone can share fairly in the proceeds. Because only together can we accelerate the energy transition.

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