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At Novar, we think in terms of green energy systems. We realise assets such as solar farms and green hydrogen generation. Every asset we deliver is another green building block that can be linked to your existing and future assets. This allows you to create a green energy system for your company step-by-step, with clean generation, storage, smart supply and management. We give you what you need today and work with you to plan your future sustainable energy system.

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Our challenge

On sunny days with strong winds, we can generate plenty of electricity. But when it’s dark or there’s no wind, nothing happens. And while sustainable energy is generated across the country, our electrical grid isn’t yet ready to accept it everywhere. The result is that our electrical grid is grinding to a halt in many places. We call this problem grid congestion. Thankfully, green energy systems are the answer to these problems, and Novar has plenty of experience with these systems.

What we do

Imagine that your company is based in an area with grid congestion. The electrical grid is often congested, and sometimes you’re forced to temporarily turn off your solar power system. We call this curtailment. It may also be that your company needs large volumes of electricity but can’t arrange a connection or expand your existing connection, while of course you want to keep going.

It helps to understand that the electrical grid is like a motorway. There are rush hours, but also times when ‘the road’ is almost empty. With a green energy system from Novar, you can respond smartly to these patterns.

Green energy system

One way we can help is by installing a battery next to your solar farm, which we link to several major energy consumers and the public grid using a smart grid to create a green energy system that intelligently co-ordinates supply and consumption. The whole process is fully automated with algorithms. Novar supplies these green energy systems as turn-key solutions. This is a win-win-win situation, because it also helps to keep the electrical grid stable!

Smart trading

Needless to say, your first priority is to protect your operational continuity, or to ensure that your solar farm has a sound revenue model. But Novar can help you do more than that. Our energy supply is becoming flexible: that’s the new reality. This means hourly prices or prices that change every 15 minutes, with futures markets and spot markets for energy that bring together supply and demand. With Smart Energy Management from Novar, you can bid on the Dutch energy market fully automatically (APEX and Intraday). By making smart use of these dynamic prices, you can significantly lower your energy costs and increase your revenues.

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Smart Energy Management

By making smart use of these dynamic prices, you can significantly lower your energy costs and increase your revenues.

Providing power

Automatically switching off your solar farm or offering extra capacity in your battery can earn you money.

We fix your energy transition. From A to Zero.

from financing to permits and from construction to management. That’s how we fix your energy transition.

But there’s more. As well as smart buying and selling of energy, you can also earn money with your system by providing capacity. TenneT, our main grid operator, is obliged to keep the electrical grid balanced. To achieve this, they ask market parties to provide generation or storage capacity in exchange for financial compensation. This means that automatically switching off your solar farm or offering extra capacity in your battery can earn you money.

Novar can help you realise that value. We give you access to the energy and imbalance markets and arrange the switching systems. We develop your smart energy strategy together, and the algorithms in Novar’s Smart Energy Management do the rest. As the market leader in solar panels on land and thanks to our experience with batteries, smart grids, private networks, solar thermal energy and hydrogen production, we know exactly what is required for a successful green energy system, from financing to permits and from construction to management. We fix your energy transition, from A to Zero.

We do more

We have already made great progress in the Netherlands. Novar is developing a solar thermal project that will heat an entire residential area in Groningen. We also built the world’s largest solar carport on the Mojo site in Biddinghuizen, where festival visitors can park their cars in the shadow of the panels. The generated electricity is transmitted over a private network to Lelystad, where it is stored. A the Bontepolder solar farm in Terneuzen, we attached a large battery to the same grid connection as the solar farm for the first time in the Netherlands.

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