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We all know that transitioning to a sustainable energy system can’t wait, so let’s do it together. What about solar panels on water? In the Netherlands, we must use the space available to us creatively. Because we need to conserve usable agricultural land, and because not all roofs are suitable for solar panels, we need to consider other solutions. Solar panels on water, which are known as a floating solar farm, are a good sustainable solution.   

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Solar and water

In order to make a big impact on sustainability, creative thinking is needed. Different solutions than we are used to. We dare to think differently. We use floating solar parks to generate sustainable energy. And that works well. Because the brilliance of the water significantly increases the yield. We already have several projects for solar on water under development, in Markelo and Eesterga.   

A lake full of solar panels 

As an entrepreneur, you know what’s best for your company. The decisions you make aren’t just for now, but also for the future: so make a sustainable choice.  

Do you have a lake of at least 10 hectares, such as a sand mining lake? Then we’d love to talk to you about what will happen to the lake after the sand mining ceases. This will be to your advantage, of course. By selling the lake to Novar, you can immediately reap the proceeds of the sale.  

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How we do it 

We install solar panels on lakes of at least 10 hectares. The panels are mounted on floats, which make the structure resillient to weather conditions that cause waves. The floating panels simply move with the waves.  

We ensure that the construction of the floating solar park is well constructed. This ensures that the construction remains in place and we exert as little influence as possible on the ecology around the lake shore. The lake shore has the highest ecological value, which of course we don't want to disturb.  

Solar on water

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Suitable locations for a floating solar farm 

The most suitable locations for a floating solar farm are (former) sand mining lakes, as swimming is often prohibited in these lakes because they are very deep and there is a risk of subsidence. Sometimes sand is still mined in these lakes. Installing solar panels can also be a great solution in this situation. We use the ‘excess’ space smartly while the existing sand mining operations continue uninterrupted.   

Of course other lakes are also suitable for solar panels, including (former) fish ponds, dredging depots, water purification facilities, reservoirs and other inland waters.   

Time for action

You have the location, we have the knowledge. We can make a real sustainable impact together. If you would like to know more about how you can make your lake sustainable, please contact us.   

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