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We don't have to tell you anything about sustainability. As a farmer, you have been working hard for years to achieve a healthy balance between people and nature. But how do you ensure a good future for your business? Novar helps farmers move forward, with a solar farm on your land or roof.

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Challenge? You better say challenges. For many farmers in the Netherlands, the future is uncertain. It sometimes seems that you have to choose between sustainability and a healthy and profitable business. Fortunately, these interests can be combined. With solar panels on your land, whereby you rent it, you can generate extra income for up to 30 years. As a leader in solar projects on land, Novar has been installing solar panels for farms for years. Whether you want to lease your land or your roof for a solar project: You decide, we'll fix it.

Farmer Siert is going for new energy. To go for green.

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Novar in the agricultural sector

The movement in the agricultural sector is toward sustainable

We fix the energy transition

We develop and build solar farms in close consultation with stakeholders, such as local municipalities, energy cooperatives and local residents.

Optimally coordinated with each other

We always look at the best options for your location. Agri PV, or battery storage? We don't shy away from any challenge and make sure everything is perfectly aligned.


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