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Smart Storage

You want to take maximum advantage of the green energy you generate. With energy storage, you handle your green energy smartly and flexibly. That way you always have enough energy at hand, waste less, avoid grid congestion and reduce your procurement costs. Read more here.

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Looking for your match made in heaven with energy storage. The energy landscape is changing. We are switching from fossil fuels to renewable sources. No longer is only the demand for energy leading, the supply also plays a role. To still achieve a stable network, energy storage is desperately needed. But how do you match...

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What all can you store smartly?

By 2050, the Dutch energy supply must be sustainable and CO2 neutral. To this end, we are setting up a new...

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Limit reached

In many places, the limits of our power grid have been reached. Add to that the fact that the supply of power is increasingly...

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Understanding Smart Storage

Energy comes in different shapes and sizes. Generated energy you want to store so you can use it later when the...

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The Green Energy System

To be climate neutral in the Netherlands by 2050, we are increasingly using clean and sustainably generated energy. And...

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Hydrogen production

We have been producing hydrogen for years, but recently there has been growing interest in large-scale hydrogen projects. Hydrogen is a smart sustainable...

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The power of battery storage

Energy storage in a battery: an innovative new energy system. To provide even smarter renewable power to the power grid, Novar is developing...