About us

Novar is market leader in green energy systems.

Everything under one roof

We have all the expertise needed to realise sustainable energy projects.

Optimally coordinated with each other

From a single asset to a green energy system, you decide how you want Novar to help you. We make sure everything is optimally co-ordinated.

Higher yield

An optimum yield delivers more sustainable and green energy.


To generate 4 Gigawatts of sustainable energy by 2030, with green energy systems

Our history

We started out with ambition

We adopted the Novar name in 2023, but we didn’t just arise from nowhere. We have years of experience as a market leader in large-scale solar projects and as experts in green energy systems.

As ‘Solarfields’, our ambition started with the sun, but our work now goes beyond solar; we are working on the energy landscape of tomorrow. Our energy network is being turned inside out as we shift from a few large power stations to a network of smaller, sustainable, interconnected energy systems that bring together supply and demand. While we have not yet fully realised this new, complex world, we are taking giant steps to achieve that goal together.

We no longer think in "cubicles" of gas, electricity or heat. But in systems that bring together generation, conversion, storage and delivery of energy. We do that with new technology. For example, we are working on storage with batteries, heat - solar thermal - or hydrogen. And also new solutions for grid congestion, such as our own distribution network or grid stations. Our energy supply is thus gradually becoming integral, hybrid and above all: smart.