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Sunlight: there’s so much we can do with it. By using solar panels and solar boilers, we can convert sunlight into solar energy and solar heat, products that we urgently need. It’s time for efficient sustainable energy generation solutions. Solar energy is one of those solutions. 

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What is solar energy?

Solar power. Everyone knows that word. But what exactly is it? The sun gives off a lot of light and heat. By using solar panels, we convert this light into electricity. This is how we make renewable energy possible. This technology has been around for a long time but is still developing rapidly. The technology is becoming more efficient every day. And that, of course, benefits your energy needs. 

Solar power

Novar builds turn-key solar projects, including the largest solar carport in the world on the car park for the Lowlands festival. This sustainable car park has a total area of 35 hectares and has space for 15,000 cars. The system has 90,000 solar panels and supplies 35 MWp, which is equivalent to the power consumption of around 100 Lowlands weekends.  

The Lowlands festival takes place annually at the same location in Biddinghuizen. While the organisation has been working for many years to make the festival sustainable, energy consumption is still a challenge. Around 300,000 kWh of electricity is consumed during each edition of Lowlands and almost all that electricity is currently produced by generators. By installing a solar carport, the festival has taken an enormous step towards becoming sustainable. 

To realise projects like this, we first study the location. We decide whether to supply the energy directly to your organisation or also feed it into the national grid. We’ll always find another solution if the grid is at capacity. We also handle the financing, subsidy applications and build a solid business case. We also offer smart management once the system is operational.  

Solar power in practice

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At Novar, we believe that sustainable energy can make the world a better place. That’s why we realise large-scale projects with a major positive impact. We deliver reliable, affordable and sustainable solutions for companies, authorities and co-operatives.   

How do we get as much energy from the sun as possible? That's what we're working on. We are working on large-scale solar projects on roofs and land. Here we convert sunlight into electricity. We do this with years of experience, new technologies and a large dose of decisiveness. This is how we make maximum use of the sun. We fix your new energy, while you stay busy with your core business

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