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The world's largest solar carport

Projects Solar carport Biddinghuizen - Dronten

Novar has teamed up with Lowlands to build the world's largest solar carport on the festival grounds in Biddinghuizen. The solar carport was put into operation in May 2022.

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90.732Solar panels on the roof
37.7 MWp Peak annual capacity
11.346Households provided

Solar carport Biddinghuizen - Dronten

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Solar carport biddinghuizen

How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

The solar carport offers the possibility of covered parking while generating renewable energy. With over 90,000 solar panels, we produce around 37 MWp of electricity annually. This equals the power used by 10,000 households annually or 100 festival weekends that can be supplied with electricity.

Our process

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In use

The park has been in use since 2022.

About this solar farm

Location of solar carport
The solar park is built on the parking lot of Lowlands near Biddinghuizen, Flevoland. The solar carport covers an area of 35 hectares, making it the largest in the world. The project was realized in cooperation with MOJO, an organizer of large-scale events.

Largest solar carport in the world
In May 2022, the solar carport with a size of about seventy soccer fields was officially opened. Never before has a solar carport of this size been realized. We are enormously proud of the fact that we can make a vital contribution to making the Netherlands more sustainable on this scale.

Large-scale parking lots are prime locations for solar panels. Do you have a large-scale parking lot and are thinking about installing solar panels? Contact us and we will explore the possibilities, without any obligation.

Novar Novar
"In this way, we hope to be an inspiration for our visitors to do their part - however small - to make the world more sustainable."
Eric van Eerdenburg, Lowlands director
Novar Novar

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