Realizing a solar roof consists of five different phases:

  1. Applications: You take the first step. Based on the information entered, we can estimate the solar yield of your roof.
  2. Develop: We examine how your solar roof can fit into the power grid, how good the current roof construction is, and we set the initial (contract) arrangements.
  3. Financing: As a roof owner, you don't have to invest in your solar roof yourself. We arrange all the financing and apply for the SDE subsidy.
  4. Construction: During construction, we make sure that you and your employees can continue to work undisturbed 'down below' . So you have no loss of production. In short: you operate under the roof, we are on top.
  5. Manage: We stay connected for at least 16 years and keep your solar roof in top condition all that time. We remotely monitor the performance of the solar roof 24/7 and intervene immediately if necessary.