Grid integration
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Storing solar energy

We are rapidly switching to green, renewable energy. The sun is one of the most important energy suppliers in this regard. Novar wants to use the energy provided by the sun as efficiently and smartly as possible. By storing solar energy in a battery, for example, we use the energy from the sun in the best possible way.

Of course, you also want to take full advantage of the energy, which the sun provides and you generate with panels or another green energy system. Sometimes there is a lot of sun and you produce more energy than you need at that time. And sometimes there is little sun while you have a greater need for energy. Storing solar energy is then a smart move.

What types of solar energy storage are there?

There are several options for storing solar energy. We can store energy generated by solar panels in a battery. This allows you to use previously generated energy at a later time.

In addition to storage of solar energy in a battery, there is also thermal storage. We already do this at Zonnethermiepark Dorkwerd. Water is heated in solar collectors and stored in a so-called buffer tank. In periods when it is colder and the sun shines less, the warm water goes to Groningen households. A nice alternative to gas. 

In this article, you can read more about storing solar energy in a battery.

Add solar energy storage to your solar farm or rooftop

By adding a smart energy solution from Novar for storage to your solar panels or rooftop, you create a green energy system, customized for you.

Storage of solar energy is through solar panels or solar collectors(heat). These generate the energy from the sun. This energy, of course, goes first to the energy consumers who are currently using energy. The rest of the unused energy goes to an inverter, which allows the energy to be stored in a battery.

Energy generated during the day, at a sunny time, can be used this way in the evening when more people are home. In addition, the battery reduces the loss of generated electricity. It also compensates for deviations between actual electricity generation and contributes locally to solve grid congestion.

Store efficiently

At Novar, we use real-time data. So we see at what times it is favorable to store energy and thus charge the battery. And the same the other way around: we have insight into the most favorable times to supply energy back. This is how we make the most efficient and profitable use of storing solar energy.

When we use batteries for business purposes, we look at the energy consumption of the business itself. If there is a high energy demand at night while there is little sun, then a battery is a smart cost-saving solution.

Cost of energy storage

A battery is a smart solution that can be profitable. We are often asked about the cost of storing solar energy. What costs are involved depends entirely on the situation. How much energy can the battery store? And how long will the battery last? How expensive is the energy you have stored. But also, what are the costs of energy you have to buy during a shortage?

All these factors are interrelated. Novar provides a comprehensive calculation of all profits and losses to arrive at an ideal solution together with you. We make sure we match supply and demand in the right way. You decide what you need, we fix it.

Energy storage capacity

The amount of megawatts of solar energy that can be stored depends on a number of factors. The number of solar panels in the solar park or roof, but also the desired storage capacity. Novar calculates for each situation what capacity is needed and which energy solution will provide the best return for you.

Regulations and grants

As a business owner, you can take advantage of the EIA for the purchase of a battery. There are various regulations for installing the battery. At Novar, we are well aware of all existing regulations and permits. We take this further so that you can continue to do what you do best.

Future of solar energy storage

In the future, we hope to be able to store as much solar energy smartly as possible in order to use our precious energy sustainably. Battery storage is capital intensive and no subsidies such as the SDE are available (yet). In contrast, battery storage is efficient and relatively easy to use: a battery takes up much less space than solar panels, but in some cases provides up to 10% more generated energy.

There are challenges, but if we work together with the government, grid operators and business owners, we can certainly successfully shape the Netherlands' future energy system.

Want to read more?

Read more about storing energy here.

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