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The Green Energy System

To be climate-neutral in the Netherlands by 2050, we are increasingly using clean and sustainably generated energy. And that requires a network where we don't think in 'boxes' of gas, electricity or heat. But a network where generation, conversion, storage and delivery of energy come together. What does that look like in practice? Take a look at the infographic and find out.

Energy grid inside out

Our energy grid is being turned inside out. From a few large power plants, we are going to a whole network of smaller, sustainable energy systems that are interconnected. Novar is realizing those sustainable energy systems. Because for a future with truly clean energy, we need to take extra steps. Fossil sources have so far provided us with stable and - mostly - affordable energy. The same can now be done with renewable sources, such as sun, wind and heat. But it requires more intelligence. And you'll find it in our new generation of green energy systems.

What actually is a green energy system?

A green energy system is a smart network of technologies to make your business sustainable with cheap and reliable energy. The system combines solar and wind energy with other smart technologies. Such as energy storage solutions: for example, a battery system, which can store excess energy for times when the demand for energy is lower. And can provide energy when demand is high but supply is low. Such intelligent networks improve the distribution of energy. This increases efficiency and reduces energy losses.

A green energy system is never finished. There will be more and more innovative technologies and solutions. It is therefore of great importance to set up your system in such a way that you can always cleverly link new building blocks to your existing network of sustainable solutions.

Our vision and approach

When designing and developing a sustainable energy system, we look at today's proven technologies and keep a close eye on future technologies and optimizations. In addition to our own portfolio of solutions, we have a large network of partners and experts.

We have more than 1GW of projects under management. When we see opportunities for expansion based on your data, a feasibility study
is conducted immediately. This way, you and your company will stay at the forefront of sustainability within the possibilities available.

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