Press Release 18/01/2024

Enexis and Novar sign unique contract on flexible energy supply 

Groningen-based developer of large-scale renewable energy Novar is concluding a first so-called Biedplicht contract with grid operator Enexis for its solar farm in northeast Groningen. A unique contract to reduce grid congestion and thus accelerate energy transition.

This contract means that the company temporarily adjusts consumption or supply of energy if there is a threat of excessive congestion (congestion) on the electricity network. For this, the company receives financial compensation. The concluded contract is the first with fixed agreements to offer network space on the GOPACS platform intended for this purpose. This contract contributes to solving the space shortage on Groningen's energy network.  

For grid operator Enexis, the concluded contract is a great example of congestion management, together with the market, says Karin Mathijssen, director of large business at Enexis: 

"This kind of contract makes us more flexible and prevents overloading on the grid, which is much needed. And the unique thing is that it is entirely through Repowered, a third party (Congestion Service Provider), which relieves the participating companies. I therefore hope that soon more companies will join this initiative, so that together we can make the energy transition possible faster." 

How does such a bid contract work?

If Enexis sees an imminent overload on the local energy network, participating companies are asked to offer space on the network for a fee. They do this by adjusting their electricity production or offtake in such a way as to prevent the upcoming peak.  

The companies decide for what amount they want to make this offer. The bid most favorable to the grid operator is accepted. With the contract we agree that the customer always bids if the grid operator asks for it. For this, the company receives a fixed fee, in addition to the flexible fee for adjustment of the offtake or supply. Novar sees such contracts as necessary for the energy transition. Finance director Niels Kruims:

"The energy system of the future requires not only sustainable assets. But also to use our current energy grid more efficiently. This is why we have voluntarily concluded congestion agreements with the grid operators. This mandatory bid contract is an example of this: it reduces grid congestion and thus makes room on the grid for other users and sustainable generation. CSP Repowered is a kind of traffic controller in this respect."

Director and founder of Repowered - Dirk Jan Masselink explains:

"It will become increasingly common for agreements to be made between users and grid operators. We then translate the control requests from grid operators into the actual upgrading or adjustment of installations."

About Enexis

Enexis Netbeheer distributes electricity affordably and reliably to 2.8 million customers and gas to 2.3 million customers in the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, North Brabant and Limburg. The company handles the construction, maintenance, development and management of its electricity and gas networks. All of our activities are organized in Enexis Groep. Enexis Group brings partners, governments and its knowledge together to contribute to the realization of the Climate Agreement. Enexis Group has approximately 4,700 employees.

About Repowered

Repowered makes renewable energy systems 'smart'. Our mission: sustainable energy; at the right time, in the right place and at the right price. For example, we work with dynamic energy contracts. This allows companies to respond to the energy markets. And this is how we make our contribution to balancing the energy grid. We help governments, companies and local energy initiatives to make a successful transition to a sustainable energy system.

About us

Novar is improving the world with renewable energy. Our activities include the deployment of battery technology, hydrogen production, heat storage, private distribution networks and smart grids. We currently have over 600 projects underway, ranging from solar parks and rooftops to complete green energy systems in which components and supply and demand balancing come together smartly. The ultimate goal is to achieve 4 Gigawatts (the equivalent of the consumption of one million households) of renewable energy by 2030.

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