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Wishes and needs identified during a spatial workshop

Projects Solar park Sinnegreide - Achtkarspelen

The municipality of Achtkarspelen has taken the initiative to realize a solar farm together with Novar on the north side of Buitenpost.

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30.436Solar panels on the ground
11.7 MWpPeak annual power
3.515Households provided

Solar park Sinnegreide - Achtkarspelen 

The municipality of Achtkarspelen has taken the initiative to create solar farm Achtkarspelen together with Novar on the north side of Buitenpost. The farm was commissioned in November 2018. 

Solar farm Sinnegreide

Why this solar farm?

The municipality of Achtkarspelen has taken the initiative to realize a solar farm. The municipality has done this because it has the ambition to take big steps in the field of sustainable energy. This is in line with the objective of Regional Energy Strategy Friesland to generate 3 terrawatt hours of electricity sustainably in 2030. The land served as potential expansion space for the business park, but it was not expected to be used for the next 20 years. On this basis, the green light was given for the realization of a solar farm.
Novar's plan was judged the best, after which we were able to realize a solar farm of more than 30,000 solar panels.

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

The farm was taken into use in November 2018.

About this solar farm

Location of solar park
The farm is located north of the Groningen-Leeuwaren railroad line near Buitenpost. The park is located east of the existing business park 'De Swadde' and is further surrounded by agricultural land.

How does this solar park contribute to the energy transition?
The more than 30,000 solar panels have a combined capacity of about 12 MWp. That is enough green power each year for about 3,500 households. The power is supplied to the electricity grid and compensates part of the electricity consumption of the residents of Achtkarspelen. In this way we are jointly contributing to achieving the objectives of RES-Friesland.

Experts and local residents met in a spatial workshop
A spatial workshop was organized to discuss with experts and local residents how the farm could be realized at this location. The location, surroundings and siting on the plots were taken into account. A development plan was produced that met the requirements. The plan includes dense planting strips, flower meadows, shrubbery, an orchard and there is room for education and recreation.

Profit from the generated sustainable energy
Solar farm Achtkarspelen also offers the possibility to buy one or more Zonnedelen. This allows residents to benefit directly from the generated sustainable energy. A total of 231 ZonneDelers have invested in this project and receive annual returns through this solar farm.

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