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A solar park of the environment

Projects Molenwaard Solar Farm - Central Groningen

In mid-March 2020, Molenwaard Solar Farm will be connected to the electricity grid. Covering an area of 35 hectares, it will provide power for 10,000 households.

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90.132Solar panels on the ground
34.5 MWpPeak annual capacity
10.343Households provided

Novar completed Molenwaard solar farm in 2020. The solar park covers an area of 35 acres, of which about 7 acres have been landscaped with new waterways and earth walls with plantings, among other things. The farm was commissioned in March 2020.

Location of solar park
This 35-hectare solar park is located on the west side of Hoogezand in Groningen. The park is located between Woldweg and Gorechtlaan, north of Mayor van Roijenstraat. Zonnepark Molenwaard is also surrounded by about 250 homes. Thanks to an intensive preliminary process, no views were expressed and no appeals were lodged.

How does this solar park contribute to the energy transition?
The solar park consists of more than 90,000 solar panels, generating approximately 34 MWp of green electricity per year for about 10,000 households.
This solar park will be connected to the grid in mid-March 2020 and has since contributed to achieving the climate objective of RES Groningen Region.

Solar farm with buffer zone
It is important for a solar farm to fit in well with its surroundings. Since this solar park is surrounded by many houses, this is even more important. That is why about seven hectares have been laid out, including a buffer zone and a dike with planting. This dike ensures that the park is out of sight. The buffer zone ensures that the park is not too close to the direct neighbors. We contacted the residents to see if they were interested in borrowing this land and eventually it was decided that the residents could use this land for free. A great opportunity for "shared ownership.

Resident participation
Residents were also given the opportunity to participate in this solar park. This was possible by investing through the platform ZonnepanelenDelen. For residents of the municipality of Midden-Groningen, an extra neighbor benefit action was set up that gave them priority to buy SolarParts.


Solar farm Molenwaard - Midden-Groningen

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Solar farm Molenwaard - Midden-Groningen

Why this solar farm?

The Regional Energy Strategy (RES) region of Groningen aims to generate 5.7 TWh of electricity sustainably through wind turbines and solar farms by 2030. Gemeente Midden-Groningen falls under this region and has also specified search areas where solar farms were allowed under conditions.

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

The solar farm is slated to open in March 2020.

Novar Novar
"We'll turn it into a vegetable garden. Or maybe a campground ;)"
Novar Novar

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