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Novar is developing a solar farm adjacent to the Groote Wetering, near Bruggenhoek. This location is near the village of Wapenveld. This solar farm contributes to the task of generating clean energy within the municipality of Heerde.

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The solar farm is still in the development phase. The municipality drafted an invitation framework for solar farms. Novar then started the participation process in consultation with sustainability officials. The first residents' evening and kitchen table discussions have now taken place. Based on these, Novar is looking at the possibilities for an alternative plan. Thus, the design will be modified later.

In addition, the municipality has decided to revise the invitation framework. This means that the preconditions for a solar farm will be tightened. In February 2024, the municipality will provide more clarity on this and we will incorporate the new conditions into the new plans.

A minimum of 25% of the total area will be used to naturally incorporate the solar farm.

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How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

The goal of the municipality of Heerde is to be climate neutral within thirty years. In 2019, 7% of the total energy consumption was generated sustainably. This percentage must be increased through, among other things, solar farms. In total, the municipality now offers space for a maximum of 50 hectares of solar farms spread over three different landscape types. Solar farm Bruggenhoek is located in landscape type Broeklanden, the goal here is to realize a maximum of 25 hectares of solar farms.

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We are at the beginning of the process, in the design phase. The first kitchen table discussions and residents' evening has been held. We are looking at options for an alternative plan. We are doing this in discussion with the surrounding area. Then we will submit a request in principle to the municipality.

When the municipality takes a positive basic attitude toward the plan, we move to the next step. We organize an area process to further shape the plan. We do this together with local residents, in preparation for the environmental permit.

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