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A solar farm in the Mastenbroekpolder

ProjectsSolar farm Hagedoornweg - IJsselmuiden

Solar park Hagedoornweg - Ijsselmuiden is a project in the Mastenbroekpolder. Novar is in the process of applying for the necessary permits.

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23.920Solar panels on the ground
14,5MWp of capacity generated per year
5.187Households provided

Hagedoornweg - IJsselmuiden

Solar farm Hagedoornweg - IJsselmuiden is located in the municipality of Kampen. The municipality of Kampen is part of the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) West Overijssel. This has the objective of generating at least 1.8 TWh of sustainable energy by 2030.  

The location of the solar farm

The solar farm is located northeast of the town of IJsselmuiden, in the Koekoekspolder. The Koekoekspolder is the lowest lying part of the Mastenbroekpolder, and is one of the largest horticultural areas in the Netherlands. For this development, Novar is working closely with RWE as developer of solar farm Koekoekspolder I and Zonnegilde as developer of solar farm Hagedoornweg.

How can residents participate?

Currently, Solar farm Hagedoornweg - IJsselmuiden is in the middle of plan development and Novar is preparing for the permit application. Together with local residents, Novar and other interested parties are working on a proper interpretation of the landscape integration of the farm. Novar organizes information evenings and we also meet with residents individually around the kitchen table. The first information evening took place in February 2023, and in April of that year residents could also come to us with all their questions and uncertainties. This is how Novar, together with all stakeholders, ensures that Solar farm Hagedoornweg - IJsselmuiden will have the best possible fulfilment for everyone!


How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

The planning area of the project is about 10.5 hectares and is part of a larger development in the Koekoekspolder with a total area of about 33 hectares. Solar farm Hagedoornweg - IJsselmuiden with a capacity of about 14 MWp is expected to be able to provide green power to more than 5,000 households in the municipality of Kampen.

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

Currently, Novar has submitted the permit application.

Last edited January 19, 2024

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