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ProjectsSolar farm Heemserpoort - Hardenberg

Novar has commissioned solar park Heemserpoort in Hardenberg in the summer of 2023. The park is over 11.5 acres and has about 28,000 panels.

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28.000Solar panels
15,3MWp of capacity generated per year
4.200Households provided

Solar park Heemserpoort - Hardenberg

Hardenberg falls within the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) West Overijssel. For this RES region, a multi-year plan has been made in which the municipality of Hardenberg has set the following goal: in 2030, at least 30% of all energy used will be generated sustainably. Through the realization of solar farm Hardenberg - Heemserpoort it is hoped to make a good contribution to this.

The location of the solar farm

Solar park Heemserpoort is located near the Asia Seeker Center (AZC) in Hardenberg. It is located along the N343 that runs between Hardenberg and Heemserveen.

The permit

A permit is required to build a solar park. This is an extensive Wabo procedure. The permit for solar park Heemserpoort was recently granted and thus construction could start at the end of February 2023! The construction process was completed around June 2023 after which the solar park could be put into use.

How can residents participate?

A campaign was recently launched in which Novar is providing funds to offer local residents an incentive to install solar panels on their roofs. Do you live in one of the 7796, 7797, 7798 or 7773 zip code areas? If so, fill out the form on the action page and apply to be considered for the amount made available.

As with the development of any solar park, Novar takes extreme account of the nearby environment and ecological values. For example, Novar does this by involving ecologists and landscape architects in the process. The surrounding area is also extensively involved in the development and there is room for input from local residents.

visualization Heemserpoort

How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

The size of solar farm Heemserpoort is 11.5 hectares and has more than 28,000 solar panels.

Once active, the 15.3 MWp farm will provide renewable energy to 4,200 households annually!

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

The solar farm will be in operation by June 2023.

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