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In 2024 also SDE subsidy for projects on weak roofs

From Sept. 10, 2024, the new round of subsidies for the SDE++ will start, with a special focus on lighter solar panels for weaker roofs. This approach makes previously unsuitable roofs now usable for solar energy, contributing to a greener future. In a letter dated March 1, 2024, Climate and Energy Minister Jetten informed about the 2024 SDE++ round. In it, the minister also mentions the opening up of Solar PV on weak roofs.

Solar PV on weak roofs

In the Netherlands, many roofs are not strong enough to support solar panels. That's why in 2024 there will be a new category in the SDE++ round: solar PV with minor roof modification. With this category, we can still use weaker roofs to generate, cost-effectively, a lot of power, as much as 25 TWh per year. Especially the roofs of barns on farms are suitable for this. Farmers can use this SDE subsidy to help them switch to green energy more easily.

Minor roof modification and light solar panels

The new subsidy category applies only to minor roof modifications for strengthening the roof structure. That means the subsidy does not apply to major roof construction modifications. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency has calculated that the potential of these roofs does not outweigh the costs. Nor will there be a separate category for lightweight PV panels, because there the costs are comparatively very high. That is not compatible with the goal of the SDE++: to reduce CO2 in a cost-effective way. However, projects for lightweight PV panels can be included in the category with minor roof modifications. This way there is still subisdie for part of their extra costs.

What are the benefits of investing in solar panels on weak roofs?

Are you investing in solar panels on weak roofs? Then you benefit from lower environmental impact and potentially higher returns. Technological advances now make it possible to install lighter panels, which puts less strain on the structure and makes installation easier. This opens new doors for locations that were previously excluded.

Budget SDE++ 2024

A budget of €11.5 billion is available to promote the energy transition, with subsidies that depend on the CO2 reduction achieved by a project, ranging from €75 to €400 per ton of CO2. The subsidy can also be combined with other financial support measures. With increased budget reservations for advanced technologies and a strong emphasis on encouraging solar energy on weaker roofs, this round offers a great opportunity for projects that were previously less attractive due to high costs or technical complexity. Each project contributes to the goal of at least 55% CO2 reduction by 2030 and strengthens the sustainable image of companies involved.

Get your roof structure checked

Are you curious whether your roof is now suitable for solar panels? Then let us perform a roof construction check. We inspect the roof skin and structure, check architectural drawings, and measure everything. Should your roof need modifications, we offer advice based on our extensive experience in sustainability solutions. If sustainability through the roof is not possible, we explore other options such as land-based solar panels or a solar carport.


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