Blog 20/06/2023

Don't miss it: your grant

Do you want to become more sustainable? Just a little longer and then the SDE++ 2023 opens. And you don't want to miss it. Want to know why not? Then read on here.

What is the SDE++ subsidy?

In order to make the energy supply more sustainable and save CO2, the Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production and Climate Transition was created. Would you like to get a better grip on your energy bill, increase the value of your property or reduce your CO2 emissions? Then this subsidy is for you.

Want to know more about the grant? We explain it here.

The new round of grants is coming

It is still only possible to submit the SDE++ application once a year. The 2023 subsidy round starts in September. A complex application that takes time. That is why we are ready to make this application for you.

There's more to a subsidy application than meets the eye. Do you have sufficient feed-in capacity? Is your roof suitable for solar panels? What is the best tariff to apply for? We have the expertise to make your application successful.

This saves a lot of time, research and increases the chances of the subsidy being granted. It is then up to you to decide whether to use us for the realization of your solar roof.

Start your application directly? You can do so here.

Don't miss it

The first step, to profitably install solar panels on your company roof, is the subsidy application. We are happy to help you with our expertise and do the application for you. Are you awarded the SDE++? Then you still have 3 years to realize the solar roof. Does it turn out during this period that the roof cannot be realized? Then this subsidy will be withdrawn without consequences.

Faris Musakadic is Business Developer Rooftop: "Now is your chance. A solar roof has many advantages. For example, you become independent of the energy grid. And your own generated kilowatt hours are many times cheaper than anything you have to buy."

Add to that the fact that Rob Jetten - Minister of Climate and Energy - wants to make solar panels compulsory for roof sizes of 250 m2 and more, and that the life span of the SDE++ subsidy is under pressure. In other words, be quick.

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