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Novar is the developer of solar farm Avri in Geldermalsen. The solar farm has been operational since March 2018 and generates green energy for about 2,500 households. The farm is located on a former landfill of waste processor AVRI.

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34.368solar panels on the ground
9,3 MWp generating capacity
2.525households provided

Since March 2018, Solar farm AVRI Solar B.V. in Geldermalsen has been operational. The site is located north of the A15 motorway. The solar farm is about twelve hectares in size, this is equivalent to about eighteen soccer fields. This area full of solar panels produces a capacity of 9.3 MWp. The land was in the past a landfill of the waste processor AVRI. This landfill was in use from 1969 until 2014, after which it was covered.

During construction, concrete blocks were used. In this way, the underlying foil remains undamaged. The solar panels are adjustable. Because of these panels, optimal power can be realized even when any subsidence occurs.

The energy company Vandebron is responsible for supplying power to both individuals and businesses.

Klaer will maintain the solar farm over the next few years so that its performance remains optimal.

How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

A total of 2,525 households are supplied with power by this highway solar farm. A total of 34,368 solar panels have been installed at this farm in Geldermalsen.

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Since March 2018, solar farm Avri has been operational.

About this solar farm

At Novar, we believe we can improve the world with sustainable energy. More green power, fewer CO2 emissions and a nice return for you. We feel the urgency to take steps now to make the Netherlands sustainable on a large scale. That is why we develop, build and manage large-scale solar parks. On land, roofs and water.

Solar farm AVRI takes place in Geldermalsen the Netherlands. The solar farm is located north of the A15 motorway; windmills have also been placed on this contaminated land. Left of the solar farm, an industrial area is located as well as a motocross track owned by MCC Geldermalsen.

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