Solar farm Roodehaan - Groningen

Sustainable energy for UMCG hospital

Projects Roodehaan Solar Farm - Groningen

Novar & Zon Direct Groningen completed construction of Solar farm Roodehaan - Groningen in early 2023. The farm was commissioned in March 2023.

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70.430Solar panels
33,3MWp of capacity generated per year
12.000Households provided

Solar farm Roodehaan - Groningen

Together with Zon Direct Groningen, Novar has fully realized Solar Park Roodehaan in Groningen by March 2023. The Regional Energy Strategy (RES) Groningen has set the goal of realizing at least 5.7 TWh of sustainable electricity by 2030. Solar farm Roodehaan will do its part to achieve this.

The location of the solar farm

Roodehaan Groningen is located on the land between the A7 on the north side and the Woortmansdijk and Winschoterweg on the south side.

What added value does this solar farm bring?

The park will be landscaped by renowned landscape architects, with a close connection to the design and landscaping of solar park Roodehaan , as well as old Hunzeloop and the existing plot boundaries. In addition, the incorporation contributes to strengthening biodiversity and nature. Initial results on the contribution of solar parks to biodiversity are positive. For more info see:,zoals%20veldleeuweriken%20blijven%20er%20weg

Solar farm Roodehaan

How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

Novar has constructed a solar farm of about 29 hectares on a territory of no less than 38 acres. The park has a capacity of 33.3 MWp and has 70,430 solar panels.

With this solar park, about 12,000 households can be supplied with sustainable energy on an annual basis. Part of this power will be supplied directly to the UMCG hospital and the remaining energy generated will be supplied back to the grid.

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

Construction of the farm was completed in March 2023. It has been in operation since then.

Last edited April 30, 2024

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