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A solar farm with community participation

Projects Solar park Marum - Westerkwartier

Novar worked with the municipality in 2018 to create solar park Marum. The park was commissioned in October 2018.

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27.216Solar panels on the ground
9.0 MWpPeak annual power
2.694Households provided

In cooperation with the municipality of Marum, Novar has realized solar farm Marum to the south of the newly built residential area Alberdaheerd II. The farm was commissioned in October 2018.

Location of solar park
This solar park is located in the southeast of the municipality of Marum. It is located south of the newly built residential area Alberdaheerd II. A road lies to the west of the solar park. The east and south sides of the solar park border on agricultural plots.

How does this solar park contribute to the energy transition?
Zonnepark Marum is approximately 11 hectares in size and a total of 27,216 solar panels have been installed, providing a capacity of about 9 MWp. This means that over 2,600 households are supplied with green electricity every year. Solar park Marum thus contributes to the sustainable energy objectives of the municipality of Marum.

Walk-in evening and personal interviews in preparation for construction
Local residents and residents of the municipality of Marum have been offered the opportunity to invest in the solar park. In addition, local residents have been actively involved in the construction and integration of the park. By means of a walk-in evening and personal conversations, ideas were put forward about how the park would fit into the landscape. The integration of the solar park was a very important aspect, since the solar park is located next to a new residential area that is to be built. The existing landscape elements and structures were used to hide the solar farm from view from the residential area by creating a green buffer between the neighborhood and the solar farm.


solar farm Marum

Why this solar farm?

Municipality Marum is part of RES region Groningen. Within this energy region it has been agreed to generate 5.7 TWh of electricity sustainably in 2030. The municipality wants renewable electricity to be produced in cooperation with its residents. The municipality's guiding principle is: "Local ownership of renewable energy as a social principle with spatial impact.

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

The solar farm began operating in October 2018.

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