Solar farm Sint Nyk - de Fryske Marren

A solar farm in consultation with the environment

ProjectsSolar farm Sint Nyk - De Fryske Marren

Novar has submitted a permit application to the municipality of de Fryske Marren. This permit is necessary to take further steps and realize the farm.

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16.500Solar panels
10,0MWp of capacity generated per year
3.500Households provided

Sint Nyk - De Fryske Marren

The municipality of De Fryske Marren is part of the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) Friesland. According to the latest version, the goal of the RES region Friesland is to produce at least 3 TWh of sustainable electricity on land by 2030. The start in the development process of solar farm Sint Nyk - De Fryske Marren provides a good contribution to the realization of this goal.

The location of the solar farm

Solar farm Sint Nyk - De Fryske Marren is located on the Tsjukemarwei (N927), next to industrial area De Slotmolen in Sint Nicolaasga.

How can residents participate?

Provincial policy is based on the premise that a solar farm within its boundaries must be in size and scale with the relevant villages. Furthermore, Novar has had many discussions with stakeholders from the local village interest and, upon request, more willows have been placed on the south side and the panels have been placed in a so-called south arrangement with ecological management.

A permit is required to build a solar farm. This concerns an extensive Wabo procedure. This begins with the submission of a request in principle. This request has been submitted for solar farm Sint Nyk - De Fryske Marren and is currently under consideration by the Municipality of De Fryske Marren. We look forward to a positive decision!


How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

The farm is 7.5 acres and has 16,500 panels. With nearly 10 MWp of electricity generated, it is good for powering 3,500 households on an annual basis!

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

The design is ready and a request for a permit has been submitted to the municipality of de Fryske Marren.

Last edited January 19, 2024

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