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Projects De Watering solar park - Coevorden

In cooperation with various parties in Coevorden, solar farm De Watering has been realized on the west side of the N34.

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31.724Solar panels
12.1 MWpPeak annual power
3.630Households provided

Novar, together with the municipality of Coevorden, Energiecoöperatie Coevorden (ECC), Parkmanagement Coevorden (PMC) and EcotecWorld, has realized solar farm De Watering on the west side of the N34. The farm has been in operation since December 2019.

Location of the solar park
The solar park will be realized on the west side of the N34 near the 'De Hare' business park in Coevorden. The park is further enclosed by the Dwarspad and agricultural plots.

How will this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?
De Watering will generate about 12 MWp that will enable it to provide green power to over 3,000 households. The solar field De Watering of almost twenty hectares is a good step towards a sustainable energy supply for Coevorden.

Residents and businesses are broadly involved in the project
Residents and businesses in the municipality are broadly involved in the project. For example, businesses and residents can invest through Solar PanelsDelen, local businesses are involved in the implementation and work experience projects and school projects are linked to it. Coevorder parties have joined forces and formed a consortium under the direction of the municipality of Coevorden to implement the plans.


solar field Coevorden

Why this solar farm?

Municipality of Coevorden has set up climate goals in line with the objectives of the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) of region Drenthe. Coevorden wants to contribute 0.470 TWh to the collective goal of 3.45 TWh in Drenthe. Municipality of Coevorden has created the conditions for generating green energy.

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

The farm is slated to open in December 2019.

Novar Novar
"Residents and local businesses can participate, and education will have an important role in ECC and PMC's project."
Jeroen Huizing, alderman for the municipality of Coevorden
Novar Novar

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