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A solar roof for the local equestrian club

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The solar roof of equestrian sports club De Hoge Devel in Zwijndrecht has been operational since the end of 2022. A great project for both parties!

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1.066Solar panels on the roof
266.000kg less CO2 emissions per year
127Households provided
The roof of the Hoge Devel in Zwijndrecht is ideal for realizing a solar roof. It has a shadow-free and sloping roof facing south, which ensures that optimal generation is feasible per panel placed. Because there is no combustible insulation under the roof and the construction does not need to be reinforced, the realization and construction of the solar roof further requires minimal construction and effort. Besides a great project for Novar, this is also a very nice step for the equestrian association. They will have a sustainable roof, and also earn a nice contribution. A real win-win situation!

How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

On the roof of the equestrian club, Novar has installed over 1,500 solar panels. These are good for an annual generation of about . and thus provide a CO2 reduction of more than 300,000 kg!

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In use

The solar roof has been in operation since December 2022.

Last edited February 14, 2024

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