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World's largest solar dike as entrance to Eemshaven

Projects Solar park Eemshavendijk - Eemshaven

On the dike south of Eemshaven in the municipality of Eemsmond, a solar farm of more than 17,000 panels has been built by Novar.

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17.080Solar panels on the ground
6.6 MWpPeak annual power
2.024Households provided

Zonnedijk Eemshavendijk - Eemshaven

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In cooperation with Groningen Seaports, Novar has realized Solar farm Eemshavendijk, the world's first large-scale solar dike with over 17,000 panels. The solar dike was commissioned in July 2020.

Location of the solar dike
This solar dike has been realized on the slaperdike south of Eemshaven in the municipality of Eemsmond (Groningen). The dike no longer has a function as a water barrier. There are still a number of windmills on the dike and sheep graze there.

How does this solar dike contribute to the energy transition?
This park generates about 7 MWp per year, which is good for about 2,000 households. The energy generated by the solar farm will be fed back into the grid. Much of the power will be used locally, as there are many businesses in the vicinity of the port in Groningen.

World's first large-scale solar dike
This solar dike with over 17,000 panels is the largest solar project on a dike in the Netherlands. It was opened in October 2020 by elementary school pupils of SWS De Dobbe from Roodeschool. The pupils were given an explanation of energy transition past and present and planted flower bulbs on the dike to stimulate biodiversity.

Eemshaven dike solar farm

Why this solar farm?

30 energy regions within the Netherlands are working together on the Regional Energy Strategy (RES). All regions have established goals to carefully spatially fit renewable energy generation into the region.

In the Netherlands, we have over 22,000 kilometers of dikes that are often still unused. A portion of these dikes is in touch for sustainable energy generation with solar panels and is therefore interesting for dual use of space.
This solar park with a length of over five kilometers is the largest solar project on a dike in the Netherlands and helps municipality Eemsmond to achieve the objectives of RES region Groningen.

In addition, this solar dike fits into the vision of Groningen Seaports to improve business location factors through locally generated sustainable energy.

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

The solar dike has been in operation since July 2020.

Novar Novar
"The solar dike forms a beautiful sustainable entrance to the Eemshaven industrial area."
Gerben Smit Gerben Smit, co-founder Novar
Novar Novar

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