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Solar farm Geefsweer - Delfzijl has been realized on a former dredge spoil depot and has been supplying green electricity to nearly 2,200 households since 2019

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22.000Solar panels
7,3MWp of capacity generated per year
2.200Households provided

Why this solar farm?

The Regional Energy Strategy (RES) Groningen aims to generate at least 5.7 TWh of renewable energy by 2030. Solar farm Geefsweer - Delfzijl falls under this and has been making a good contribution to this since its connection in 2019.

The location of the solar farm

The solar farm was built on the former dredged sediment depot 'Geefsweer' in the municipality of Delfzijl. The dredged sediment depot was once constructed when the port of Delfzijl was deepened and was not currently being used. Since the construction of Solar farm Geefsweer - Delfzijl, this land has been given a new purpose.

What added value does the farm have?

During the construction of the solar farm, exuberant thought was given to landscaping and care was taken to ensure that the farm is hidden from view as much as possible. This was done by using the existing depot dike for accretion of grass, reeds and trees. In this way, Novar ensures that the solar farm has the most ideal interpretation for everyone.

Solar farm Geefsweer

How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

In consultation with the landowner Groningen Seaports, Novar has decided to use the unused land to build a solar farm. More than 22,000 solar panels have been installed on an area of about 9 hectares for several years. These panels provide enough sustainable energy for the annual power supply of nearly 2,200 households!

Our process

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In use

The solar farm was connected in 2019 and has since supplied green power to about 2,200 households.

Last edited February 14, 2024

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