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A solar farm combined with a battery

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Novar is developing a solar park in combination with a battery near the N33 on the Geerlandweg. At the end of 2023, we submitted the permit to the municipality.

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Local residents of the solar farm can participate in several ways. Novar is happy to help with this. With an open attitude, where sharing knowledge is paramount. Read more about participation here.

Solar Farm

Novar has now held (kitchen table) discussions with direct & indirect local residents and with local parties with a social role in the area. Several residents' evenings have also been organized for direct neighbors and Siddeburen residents about the permitting process and the design of the solar farm. Where possible, we incorporate the input collected into the plan and provide feedback to local residents.  


To supply the power grid with renewable electricity in a smarter way, Novar plans to build a battery on the north side of solar park Geerlandweg. A battery is also called an energy storage system (EOS).

The battery can reduce losses of generated electricity, compensate for deviations between predicted and actual electricity generation at the national level, or contribute locally to solve grid congestion. The more renewable energy that can be generated, stored and used, the less will be CO2 emissions.

Location of solar farm

The planned site is on the south side of Geerlandweg and west of the N33. This is north of Siddeburen in the municipality of Central Groningen.

Novar chose this location based on the November 2019 Central Groningen Solar Park Policy. The project site is approximately 18 acres, of which we will use approximately 12.5 acres for the solar farm. The remaining 5.5 acres will be used for landscaping.

How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

Groningen's Regional Energy Strategy (RES) aims to achieve at least the generation of 5.7 TWh of renewable electricity by 2030. For achieving this goal, solar farm Geerlandweg is a good initiative.

36.000Solar panels on the ground
21.6 MWpPeak annual power
5.020Households provided

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

Solar Farm

In December 2023, Novar submitted the preliminary permit. The submission of the preliminary permit does not affect the participation process. In the coming period, we will continue to have conversations with the surrounding area to identify concerns and wishes. As soon as the permit is considered, we will inform the surrounding area.


The battery is also currently in the design phase. The battery has a capacity of 10 megawatts and a storage capacity of 40 megawatt hours.

More about solar farm Geerlandweg

What have we already done?

The design phase of a solar farm consists of 10 steps. Steps 1 through 7 have now been completed. Step 8, the area process, is a step we are always working on. After all, from Novar, we intend to become and remain good neighbors.

Information Evening

On December 19, 2023 Novar organized a walk-in evening to inform the surrounding area about the possible Solar Park Geerlandweg. The evening was attended by +/- 60 local residents. Below are the documents we used during the residents' evening, as well as the report of the evening.

Documents residents' evening December 19 2023

Documents residents' evening Nov. 14 2023

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