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One solar farm in two municipalities

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For the realization of solar park Eekerpolder - Oldambt, Novar has to deal with 2 different municipalities, an extra challenge!

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312.939solar panels on the ground
120MWp generating capacity
29.300households provided

Eekerpolder - Oldambt

Solar farm Eekerpolder - Oldambt is located in partly in the municipality of Midden-Groningen and partly in the municipality of Oldambt. Both municipalities are part of the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) Groningen, which aims to generate at least 5.7 TWh of renewable energy by 2030.

The location of the solar farm

Solar farm Eekerpolder is located south of the A7 and east of the N33. Approximately between Scheemda and Zuidbroek lies in the Eekerpolder, which means that it is partly located in both the municipality of Midden-Groningen and the municipality of Oldambt. The part in the municipality of Midden-Groningen has already been licensed.

The total area of the solar farm is about 160 hectares. Of this, 90 hectares are located in Oldambt. Through intensive and beautiful cooperation with Coöperatie Eekerpolder, we are well on our way to realizing a beautiful, supported solar farm.

How can residents participate?

In the run-up to the development of the solar farm, Novar entered into a partnership with Coöperatie Eekerpolder. The emphasis here was on a fruitful collaboration in which the landscape incorporation process, the creation of support and contact with various stakeholders were taken up together.

What added value will the solar farm bring?

In addition to the Coöperatie Eekerpolder, there have been many discussions with landscape architects and local government agencies. Together with them, Novar decided that 25% to 30% of the plan area will be used for landscaping the farm. This will mainly emphasize widening watercourses, the additional planting of the edges of the solar farm, and the creation of recreation around the farm. In addition to stopping places with picnic benches, an observation tower will be installed from which passersby can look out over the landscape.

Eekerpolder - Oldambt

How does this solar farm contribute to the energy transition?

Solar farm Eekerpolder - Oldambt will generate approximately 120 MWp, providing green energy to approximately 29,300 households. Thus, the farm makes a tremendous contribution to the aforementioned RES goal.

Our process

Where are we now?










In use

In early July 2023, the permit for the solar farm was granted irrevocably.

Last edited January 19, 2024

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