Renting out your land

Make concrete steps within the energy transition by leasing your land for solar panels. As the market leader in the field of solar panels on land, we know better than anyone else how to realize a successful solar park. You provide the land, we provide the expertise. This is how we make the Netherlands sustainable together.  

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Renting out your land for solar panels 

Of course you know what is best for your business. The choices you make are not only for now, but also for the future. If you rent your land to us, it's a sustainable investment for the healthy future of your business and for our planet.  

If you rent your land to Novar, you get a nice, guaranteed return from the solar panels every month for thirty years. This does not require any investment on your part. We arrange the permits and financing. We also provide maintenance and supply green power to the grid. By renting out your land, you don't have to worry about the solar farm.  

Solar Farm

How do we proceed?  

We start with a no-obligation survey to determine if your land is suitable for a solar farm. One of the first conditions is that the land is at least 10 hectares in size. Furthermore, it is important that we can connect the park to the power grid and we need to know the building requirements of the local government. Here the sustainability policy of your municipality plays a big role. 

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Renting out your land 

Are you going to rent out your land? Then we first draw up an agreement with building conditions. Here you will find your monthly fee, the exploitation period (25 to 30 years) and the delivery of the land at the end of the cooperation. You don't have to worry about the solar park yourself. And after thirty years, we return the site to its original state. It's that easy.  

Different types of land rentals 

Do you have 10 acres of farmland, pasture or other vacant land? We fill in your land sustainably. And in return you get a guaranteed monthly yield for thirty years. Are you curious whether your land is suitable for a solar park? Then contact us.  

Using land for multifunctional purposes 

When using land for solar panels, we always look for a dual function. How are we going to make optimal use of this land? Together we look at how we are going to fill this in, for example with sheep grazing under the panels.   


The best solution for your soil 

Do you have a piece of land of at least 10 hectares and have not yet found a suitable use for it? Choose to use your land to make the Netherlands more sustainable. At Novar, we are happy to help you think about the sustainable use of your land and come up with a total solution. Contact us now or make an appointment.  

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